Our Profile and History

  History :

  •   In 1906 the company ALBERT HAUSCHILD was founded.
  •   In 1956 Mr Armin Klingenberg joined the company.
  •   In 1966 Armin Klingenberg took over the company as 100 % Shareholder.
  •   In 1970 to 1975 Armin Klingenberg built at the Netherlands and in Germany a fleet
      of 5 vessels for trading timber and forest products from Scandinavia to Europe
      and North Africa.
  •   After the purchase of these 5 vessels Armin Klingenberg built in 1986 the first full
      containerized vessel MS "THIES" at Nobiskurg at Rendsburg.
  •   In 1987 Mr Thies Klingenberg joined the company.
  •   In 1991 the company started its activities with Shipsnewbuildings in China.
  •   In 1993 the first newbuilding from China MS "MIJO" was delivered to the company.
  •   In 2003 the company took over the 10th newbuilding from China MS "NADJA".
  •   In 2005 KLINGENBERG ordered further two Containervessels at China.
  •   On the 18th of July 2006 Messrs. Albert Hauschild celebrated the 100th anniversary.
  •   In Dezember 2007 newbuilding MV VIOLA has been delivered to our company.
  •   In October 2008 newbuilding MV GINA has been delivered to us.
  •   In August 2009 newbuilding MV CATALINA was delivered.
  •   On the 21st of December 2009 our last newbuilding MV KIARA was delivered.
  •   In June 2012 our company took over the biggest containervessel of our fleet MV PAOLA.
  •   On 1st of July 2014 we took over our new vessel MV "NICA".
  •   Mr Armin Klingenberg deceased on the 15th of April 2015.
  •   MV "PAOLA" was sold in July 2015.
  •   MV "NICA" was sold in January 2018.
  •   MV "JESSILENA" was sold in July 2022.

  Today our main activities are :

  •   Shipowner & Shipsmanagement
  •   Chartering
  •   Sale & Purchase
  •   Newbuildings
  •   Shipsfinancing

  Please contact us for any of your enquiries.

  Our service to our clients and customers :

  •   Good maintenance of our vessels.
  •   Good and experienced crew on all our vessels.
  •   Best possible performance & service for the Charterers of our vessels.
  •   Long experience in Shipping.